Las Vegas Trip

I'm finally getting around to blogging my Las Vegas trip, which was a blast. We only went for the weekend, so I was pretty selective with what I brought. A pair of sunnies, a few 'night time' outfits, a pair of jeans, an everyday dress and my ultimate go-to's for makeup. We had an early wake up call for our flight (3:45am) so it was pretty much a roll out of bed, grab our bags and head to the airport. 

We stayed at Harrah's which was right in the middle of the strip making it a super convenient location. The strip is just as crazy as I imagined it would be. The hotels were so grand and over the top and I absolutely loved that each one was a different theme. You really feel like you're in a whole nother world in Vegas. Also, can I just mention how odd it was to crack open a drink in wide open public and for it to be completely normal. 

One of the clear highlights of the trip was seeing Steve Aioki perform at MGM Grand. He put on such a great show and the club itself was like nothing I've experienced before. It was pretty incredible to have confetti rain down on you multiple of times and to see someone crowd surf in an inflatable boat. Also for anyone who has never been to Vegas, as a side note to any ladies, you don't have to pay to get into anything. Ladies are free EVERYWHERE and you can get a lot of free drink tickets just by walking around the strip. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the greatest when we went. The first day was gorgeous, but the next two days was super windy and rainy. So much so, that the New York, New York roller coaster was shut down for the day due to weather conditions. I was a little bummed, but nothing a little gambling can't fix! I ended up winning $180 on my first bet. Not to shabby! For anyone that needs a lucky number on roulette, go with 7!!

We went to Margaritaville for dinner and of course I wanted a balloon hat. They were seriously some of the most impressive balloon hats I've ever seen! One girl at the table behind us had a fish hanging from a hook on her hat — like it seriously dangled infront of her face! And as awfully lit as this photo is, I still love it! 

Honestly though the best of times was just spent with our friends. As the weather was pretty awful, we spent a lot of our time inside just casino hopping and it was just so nice to hang out and be goofy and carefree for a few days. We drank a lot of Fat Tuesdays (giant slushies with alcohol — I highly suggest the bellini with champagne if you're a sweet tooth).

It was a really good weekend to get away for a bit. I've been joking that this trip is my last hurrah before I start a family. (Is it convenient that we stayed at Harrah's and I kept mispronouncing it as 'Hurrah'?) I just always felt like I've never done Las Vegas, and It's something that I should experience while I'm still in my 20's and can get away with acting silly and goofy with my friends. Though some may think our trip was relatively 'tame' compared to what they'd get up to in Vegas, it was the perfect 'let loose' weekend. Does this mean I'm going to start having babies right away now? Probably not. But it's something I can cross off my list!

Megan Munro