January Favourites

It's the end of January. When did that happen? Regardless, I've rounded up a few of my favourite things that I've been grabbing for a lot lately this past month. It's an odd collection of random bits and bobs I'll just warn you right now!

First up are my David Tea mugs! My tea steeping one in particular. I am in seriously in love with this mug. It stands a lot taller than other mugs so that's always a plus for me. It also comes with a lid that's meant for steeping the tea, but I like to use it to keep the heat in while I work. To me, there's nothing cozier than a good mug during winter.

Second favourite this month is actually a video game. While I wouldn't consider myself a huge gamer, I do love a good video game and this month I've been playing a lot of "Star Wars Battlefront". Like a lot. There are so many different type of 'mini' games to play online that keeps things new and exciting. Plus when you play as a hero or villain, it's pretty bad ass to go around and slash people with a light sabre. This is a random favourite, and most people who don't know me probably don't realize how big of a nerd I am, but it's what I've been doing a lot this month so, in the favourites post it goes!

Last few faves are more beauty and fashion related. I picked up this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil at the beginning of the month and am in LOVE with it. My brows have a mind of their own. If I didn't constantly groom them, they'd be all over the place and a good brow pencil is a must. I like that this one has a brush on one end and I just find it easy to use. It's precise and buildable, and just a good quality product. Big fan.

I've also been reaching for this lip gloss this month. Mostly for the colour (totally in love with this purple), but also because it seriously lasts all day and doesn't budge. I can even kiss my husband without fear (mostly his fear) of transferring gloss onto his lips. I also find that unlike most matte lip glosses that are "long wear", this one doesn't make your lips look cracked and dry up close. They stay nice and moisturized which is exactly what I want!

Last on my favourites are my gold rings! I think we all know that I'm not a big bling person. I keep my accessories minimal and hardly even wear any. This month I've been finding I've been grabbing these rings a lot before I leave my house. They just add that extra little touch without being too overwhelming.  

Let me know what some of your faves have been this month in the comments. I'm always on the hunt for a good recommendation for anything!