Little Cactus Garden

Let me start this post by saying, I am AWFUL with plants. Completely and utterly awful. I've killed quite a few plants — basically every single plant I have ever owned — and though I've been given plenty of tips from everyone, for some reason I am unable to implement them properly enough to keep them alive. Yes, I know cacti and succulents are supposed to be EASY. pffft.

That being said, I LOVE plants and the greenery and freshness they bring to my home. So I am determined to keep these new additions alive. It's my hope that by blogging updates every now and then it will help me pay more care and attention to these little guys that I just bought. This post is really more for myself so I can keep track of where they are at and if (when) they grow larger, it will be nice to compare then and now and revel in any success I may have.

I'm also partial to cacti and succulents because it's the only plant that my cat won't attempt to eat. My cat has taken down quite a few plants on her own. So, I have them in a good warm bright spot in my home and have set an alarm on my phone to water them every 2 1/2 weeks. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive.

Any green thumbs out there that have any other tips or suggestions?