The most basic, basic.

I can't help it. I have an extremely basic wardrobe. I am crazy scared of patterns. This houndstooth crop is about as 'pattern-y' as you will get when rummaging through my closet. Evidently I am also not the biggest colour fan. I like to stick to my blacks, grays and whites. This way, everything just goes together just fine! I'm not even that big in accessorizing. Maybe my style is kind of boring, haha.

It's funny though, when I design things for my clients, I am ALL about colour in my designs. I love using bright tones that pop and are fresh. The more the colours, the merrier. Even in my home decor I love the use of colour in my home. Bright pastels against white tabletops and woodgrain. LOVE. IT. 

Maybe this is why my wardrobe lacks colour. I expel all my colour energy outpouring into other things that when it comes to actually dressing in colour, I'm just like f--- that s----. One thing for sure is that I will never run out of LBD's. I have a sh-t ton. 

Joni Jeans, Top Shop
Crop Top, American Apparel