Natural Beauty

I've followed the Green Kiss for a long time now and love everything that they stand for. Not only the organic and completely natural beauty products that they curate, but the way that they empower women is amazing in itself. Having worked closely with their Lead Beauty Realist Carly Flint, I have heard and seen numerous things about making the switch to green products.

Now, I am ALL for natural, clean, beauty. I wish I could convert 100%, but I'll admit, I'm a bit apprehensive to give up some of my favourite products even if they are riddled with chemicals. However, I did want to try out a 100% organic full face makeup look. 

The past month I had tried a sample oil based cleanser on my face, and needless to say it completely broke me out. LIke a lot. I've been combating the effects of it for a while, but my skin is still covered in the left over marks and scars that I get quite easily from blemishes. This is was probably the biggest factor that I wanted to test green beauty on. Could I find a foundation that had the coverage I desired?

The second thing I really wanted to test was the lasting power of the products. I get extremely oil and have found lots of products that don't hold on my face all too well. Would I be able to have a full 8 hour day of wearing natural products without retouching my powder like I can with my regular makeup regime?

I went to The Green Kiss's Beauty Boutique and let Carly work her magic on my face.


The results:

Truth is, in person, there is really no difference to the appearance of a full face of natural makeup products vs non-natural makeup products. I got the excellent coverage that I wanted beautifully. Everything blended extremely well and though, the pigments of the colours weren't as bright as conventional makeup, it made the whole look, look softer and natural.

How long did it last? Well, my face got excessively oil after about 2 hours. This would be a look that I would definitely have to bring a powder compact along to blot my face, or look for different solutions to keep the oil at bay. On the plus though, everything else kept on my face. No smudges, or black smears under my eyes! 

My face even felt lighter. Almost like I didn't have anything on, which was a nice feeling. It also made me feel really good about what was being put on my face. I knew that everything was 100% natural, and that's pretty impressive. I would definitely add a few of the products to my makeup bag. 

The foundation particularly impressed me — Sappho Foundation in the shade Lisa — with it's buildable coverage, and amazing colour match with my skintone! I also found the 100% Pure Creamstick Vitament super moisturizing while still offering a lovely shade. It reminded me a lot of Sugar's Tinted LIp Treatment.

The only product that I missed was my mascara. As I've said in a previous blog post, I'm pretty picky on my mascara, and I wasn't quite wowed by the Maracuja Mascara.  Though if you're looking for a vegan mascara, this would be a great option! What do you think of this look? 

Let me know which products you've used in the past that were 100% natural and don't forget to check out The Green Kiss for their full list of brands they carry.