Christmas Bubbly!

Now that's it's December, I am all about that Christmas life. Since the hubby and I have moved to a much larger space, I've been seriously decor shopping like mad. There are just so many great Christmas nick-nacks out there and I don't know if it's just because I didn't look for them much in previous years, but this year everything is just so damn cute!

We are also hosting our first Christmas dinner this year (though the mother-in-law is doing most of the cooking — phew!) so I've been planning ahead to get things all ready so I don't have to rush last minute! One of things I wanted to do this year was set up a little bar station. I love a great preseco and think the holidays would not be complete with a little bubbly. Mionetto Preseco very kindly sent me some bottles and since then I've been trying to arrange for how I can set up for my first Christmas hosting.  


I love that you can grab smaller bottles of Mionetto Preseco. I think it'd be a great stocking stuffer for any adult or even as a little extra something if you need to add to a gift.

Needless to say I am pretty excited to host my first Christmas and fingers crossed it will go without a hitch!