Gold Accented Wrapping Paper

I LOVE wrapping presents. It's one of my favourite things to do around the holidays. I'm so big on the presentation of things (hence why I'm a graphic designer) that I spend a stupid amount of time on wrapping my gifts.  This year I wanted to do something quick and relatively easy as I knew I'd be quite busy this year. I found some white craft paper at Micheals and had the idea to paint my wrapping paper. 

I grabbed some gold paint, and some stamps, blasted my christmas tunes and set to work with a glass of wine. I used alphabet stamps to stamp the individuals initial on the present for a personal touch. On others I used a paintbrush to apply brush strokes or dots of gold all over.

This may seem tedious to some, but this is my way of destressing. I find it oddly relaxing to sit down and do some good ole' crafting. 

Happy Holidays! xx