Turn your candle jars into vases!

I can't believe it's already the end of November. Time has it's way of catching you off guard doesn't it? 

One of my favourite things to do to when I sit down to work is light a candle. There's something very comforting about having a candle lit beside you — the soft glow, the inviting scent — I find it all very wonderful. That being said, I tend to get left with millions of glass jars with the remaining end bits of wax and a wick that won't light anymore. I can't bring myself to just throw the glass away. And so they end up collecting on my shelf, which I'm sure my husband gets quite annoyed about since he hates clutter.

So finally, FINALLY, I figured out my solution and did something productive about my "end of candle" glass collection...

Turn them into vases!

I simply scraped out the end bit of wax and the wick stub that's glued on the bottom with a spoon. After discarding that bit, I then cleaned the glass. Voila! I now have a growing collection of vases in which I can fill with fake flowers (because real ones die, and I hate that bit) to brighten up my home!