Thoughts from the Couch

Think Happy Thoughts

I’ve started reading Grechten Rubin's book, The Happiness Project

And one line in particular has stuck out in my mind... 

not everyone enjoys doing what you like to do, and you don't have to enjoy what everyone else does.

It seems silly to have not thought about it before on my own.

In reading the above line, everything suddenly made perfect sense to me! 

In the past, I’ve often just gone along with my friends - or even my husband - to partake in activities they feel quite enthusiastic about.  All the while, I've found myself wondering if I even enjoy it.  

Camping is a great example.

My husband and I go camping every summer.  

My husband loves it, our friends love it and, while I do love the idea of it in theory... 

I can’t say I really enjoy it. 

I love cozy beds and long showers in the privacy of my own home.  

I also really like hotels. 

Sometimes, I am extremely self-conscious about being Megan.  

I ask myself...

What if no one likes what I like? Or what if people poke fun at my interests? 

In the past, I’ve agreed with people and opted to follow the majority of society simply because it was easy.

And while I may like the idea of things, that doesn't mean I have to actually like doing them. 

I like the idea of swimming in a lake, but I'm an awful swimmer, so if I’m not in shallow water or near the side of a dock for safety, I don’t have a good time.  And I used to feel bad about it.  

I like the idea of backpacking across exotic countries, but I know - just like camping - that I would get tired of being away from home pretty quickly.  This means I’d probably end up not being the best travel companion. 

i have come to realize that i need to be more true to who i am.

I’ve also come to realize that I’m not the most fun to be around if I seriously despise what I’m doing. 

If I’m not in my element, I develop resentment.  I create bad moods for myself.  It’s not fun.  

I need to speak up about my interests and not be so afraid what others will think. 

We all do.  We all deserve to be ourselves.  

I'm a lover of you-tubers - Zoella, Pointlessblog, Grace Helbig, Tanya, Hannah Hart - everyone basically.

I watch them every day while I get ready in the morning or if I have a spare moment to relax. 

A few of my friends were over one night and we found ourselves on the topic of youtube.

I let it slip...

I love watching you-tubers.  

We went on a whole tangent of video watching.  It felt good to find a new common interest among my friends.  And here I wondered if they might think I’m silly for watching content that is directed mostly at high-schoolers.

I’ve since decided to just be me, which seems simple and perhaps a little selfish, but if I'm not happy, then my negative energy is sure to sour the experience of everyone around me. 

On The Flip Side

I can't expect everyone to be interested in what I'm interested in.

That’s simply not realistic or fair.  

I know not everyone enjoys massive shopping marathons at the mall or sitting at a coffee shop for hours.  

I know for a fact that my husband cannot relax on a beach for as long as I wish he could.   

And when it comes to my creative work, not everyone is going to get it.  Not every client is going to be right for me. Not everyone is going to feel connected to the ma-luxe experience.  

I respect that because I am aware now, of my own boundaries.  

For those of you who aren’t afraid to decline an outing somewhere because you’re not into it...


Maybe I’m a little behind... 

As of right now, I going to start being more honest with myself first.

Do I actually enjoy what I’m doing?  Does it make me happy? 

Everyone is unique.

Not everyone will like what you do, and you don't have to like what everyone else does.